Relay Selection and Resource Assignment for Cooperative SC-FDMA Networks

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Leonardo Paiva
Francisco Rafael Marques Lima
Tarcísio Ferreira Maciel
Francsico Rodrigo Porto Cavalcanti


In this article, we study relay selection and resource allocation in a cooperative network that employs Single Carrier - Frequency Division Multiple Access (SC-FDMA) in the uplink direction such as in Long Term Evolution - Advanced (LTE-A) system. With SC-FDMA, the frequency resources assigned to a transmitter should be adjacent to each other in the frequency domain (adjacency constraint). We formulate the total data rate maximization problem as a non-linear combinatorial optimization problem. Through algebraic manipulations, we managed to convert the original problem in a Mixed Integer Linear Problem (MILP) that can be optimally solved by standard computational solvers. So as to reduce the computational complexity, we propose a low-complexity suboptimal solution to this problem. Additionally, we propose a transmit power adjustment in order to reduce the power consumption in the system and improve Energy Efficiency (EE) by exploiting the characteristics of the forwarding mechanism in the relays. Finally, we present simulation results so as to evaluate the performance of the proposed solutions and obtain insights on the effect of the main variables presented in the system model.


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Paiva, L., Lima, F. R. M., Maciel, T. F., & Cavalcanti, F. R. P. (2018). Relay Selection and Resource Assignment for Cooperative SC-FDMA Networks. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 33(1).
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