Radio Resource Allocation in SC-FDMA Uplink with Resource Adjacency Constraints

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Francisco Rafael Marques Lima
Tarcisio Ferreira Maciel
Francisco Rodrigo Porto Cavalcanti


Radio Resource Allocation (RRA) in cellular systems is a relevant and difficult task that shouldassign the system resources in the most efficient manner while fulfilling different constraints suchas Quality of Service (QoS). In wireless systems that employ Single Carrier - Frequency DivisionMultiple Access (SC-FDMA) as in Long Term Evolution (LTE) uplink, RRA is even more difficultsince the frequency resources should be assigned in contiguous blocks of subcarriers to eachterminal. In this work we study two important RRA problems in SC-FDMA: the total data ratemaximization and the total data rate maximization with minimum user satisfaction constraints. Weformulate them as optimization problems and show that the optimal solutions are not practical tobe employed in real systems due to the high computational complexity. Therefore, we propose twoefficient heuristic solutions for those problems. By simulation results, we show that both solutionsare near optimal and subject only to small performance degradation compared to the complex andimpractical optimal solutions.


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Lima, F. R. M., Maciel, T. F., & Cavalcanti, F. R. P. (2016). Radio Resource Allocation in SC-FDMA Uplink with Resource Adjacency Constraints. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 31(1).
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Francisco Rafael Marques Lima, Federal University of Ceara - UFC Wireless Telecom Research Group - GTEL

F. Rafael M. Lima received the with honors in electrical engineering in 2005,and M.Sc. and D.Sc. degrees in telecommunicationsengineering from the Federal University of Ceará,Fortaleza, Brazil, in 2008 and 2012, respectively.In 2008, he has been in an internship at EricssonResearch in Luleå, Sweden, where he studiedscheduling algorithms for LTE system. Since 2010,he has been a Professor of Computer EngineeringDepartment of Federal University of Ceará, Sobral,Brazil. Prof. Lima is also a researcher at the WirelessTelecom Research Group (GTEL), Fortaleza, Brazil where he works inprojects in cooperation with Ericsson Research. He has published severalconference and journal articles as well as patents in the wireless telecommunicationsfield. His research interests include Radio Resource Allocation algorithms for QoS guarantees in scenarios with multiple services, resources,antennas and users.

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