A QoE-Aware Scheduler for OFDMA Networks

  • Victor Farias Monteiro Federal University of Ceará
  • Diego Aguiar Sousa Federal University of Ceará
  • Tarcisio Ferreira Maciel Federal University of Ceará
  • Francisco Rafael Marques Lima Federal University of Ceará
  • Francisco Rodrigo Porto Cavalcanti Federal University of Ceará


In this paper, we present a Quality of Experience (QoE)-aware scheduler aiming at maximizing the minimum Mean Opinion Score (MOS) in a system subject to attaining at least a minimum number of satisfied users. Different of the benchmarking solution, the proposed one takes into account all the data that the User Equipments (UEs) have already received, and not only the data of a specific instant of time, thus suitably excluding UEs already satisfied. According to simulation results, the proposed solution not only improves the users’ satisfaction and the minimum experienced MOS in the system, but it also doubles the capacity in terms of supported number of users compared to benchmarking solution. It is also able to handle imperfections on the Channel State Information (CSI).
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Monteiro, V., Sousa, D., Maciel, T., Lima, F. R., & Cavalcanti, F. R. (2016). A QoE-Aware Scheduler for OFDMA Networks. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 31(1). https://doi.org/10.14209/jcis.2016.3
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