The Effective Secrecy Throughput for the Hybrid Wiretap Channel

Analysis Based on a Measurement Campaign


This study discusses an augmented investigation of the hybrid wiretap channel, which represents a PLC system with its data security threatened by a malicious and passive wireless device at the physical layer level, by focusing on the evaluation and analysis of wiretap code rates. The wiretap code rates are obtained through effective secrecy throughput. In this sense, numerical analyses based on real data set composed of channel estimates and measured additive noises are provided. This data set was collected from a measurement campaign carried out in several Brazilian houses. From the perspective of the physical layer security, the attained results show wiretap code rates for overcoming the malicious presence of a passive wireless device located in the vicinity of broadband PLC systems under practical scenarios.

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Camponogara, Ândrei, & Ribeiro, M. (2021). The Effective Secrecy Throughput for the Hybrid Wiretap Channel. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 36(1), 44-51.
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