Multilayer Framework for Resource Orchestration in Next Generation Networks

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Ermínio Ramos Paixão
Diego Lisboa Cardoso, Dr.
Albert Einsten Santos
Daniel Silva Souza


Due to the significant increase in data traffic and the large number of Internet Protocol (IP) devices, operators and researchers are seeking solutions to address the greater demand. One of the most attractive of these is Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Networks (H-CRAN), which has the capacity to solve problems of the current generation and add several improvements, such as centralized processing and greater energy efficiency. However, resource orchestration such as radio, mapping between radio and BaseBand Unit (BBU) and load balance in BBU pool are still of the utmost importance. This paper proposes a multilayer approach that enables Peak Remote Radio Head (PRRH)-underutilized reconfiguration model and optimized mapping between PRRH and BBU, with the aim of achieving high availability, energy savings and a reduction in high-speed processing. Obtained results were compared with other approaches in the literature and showed that our model offers a more efficient means of mitigating the problems addressed in this paper.

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Paixão, E. R., Cardoso, D. L., Santos, A. E., & Souza, D. S. (2023). Multilayer Framework for Resource Orchestration in Next Generation Networks. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 38(1), 1–8.
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