A Photovoltaic System for Heterogeneous Networks: a Technical, Economic and Environmental Analysis

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Marcela Alves de Souza
Fabricio de Souza Farias
Hugo Pereira Kuribayashi
Carlos R. L. Francês
João C. W. A. Costa
Diego Lisboa Cardoso


The modern society are daily becoming more internet connected. Such connection requires an unprecedented amount of energy to operate each piece of equipment that is part of the heterogeneous networks (HetNets). The network infrastructure is highly energy-consuming and producing a considerable amount of CO2. One strategy to minimize such energy consumption is making usage of renewable energy, such as solar and wind. This article aims to present a study of the technical, economic and environmental feasibility for the installation of photovoltaic harvesting systems in the context of HetNet and backhaul networks. This proposal is based on the use of analytical models to scale the deployment of the photovoltaic systems, considering costs associated with acquisition, operation, maintenance and adopted energy matrix of this system. The results indicate sustainable and financial viability with the adoption of photovoltaic systems when compared with the energy source mainly considered in the literature. Also, results highlight that adopted energy matrix and environmental parameters are key items, which must be highly considered when the overall mobile network infrastructure are planned.


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de Souza, M. A., Farias, F. de S., Kuribayashi, H. P., Francês, C. R. L., Costa, J. C. W. A., & Cardoso, D. L. (2020). A Photovoltaic System for Heterogeneous Networks: a Technical, Economic and Environmental Analysis. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 35(1), 90–102. https://doi.org/10.14209/jcis.2020.10
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