Complex Envelope Based Modems: A Tutorial


The complex envelope or baseband-equivalent representation
of passband functions is a well-developed theory, known
to provide an elegant and, in most cases, an eased mathematical
tractability to the analyzes of signals and systems. Although
this theory is covered extensively in many textbooks, there are
hidden concepts and applications of it, mainly related to the fast
simulation of communication systems and to the fundamentals
for developing software-defined radios. This tutorial uncovers
these concepts using a differentiated didactic approach, aiming at
contributing to the understanding about how to model, simulate
and implement complex envelope modems.

Author Biography

Dayan Adionel Guimarães, National Institute of Telecommunications

Electrical Engineering.

Full Professor.

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Guimarães, D. (2020). Complex Envelope Based Modems: A Tutorial. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 35(1), 34-50.
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