Development of an UHF 2 x 2 Microstrip Antenna Array for Nano-Satellites

  • Juner Vieira Universidade Federal do Pampa
  • Marcelo Pereira Magalhães Universidade Federal do Pampa - UNIPAMPA
  • Marcos Vinicio Thomas Heckler Universidade Federal do Pampa
  • João César Moura Mota Universidade Federal do Ceará
  • Antonio Sergio Sombra Universidade Federal do Ceará
Keywords: Microstrip antenna, antenna array, meteorological nano-satellite, circular polarization


This paper presents the study of a microstrip antenna to be installed onto meteorological nano-satellites. In order to increase the effective ground plane so as to improve the front-to-back ratio and the gain, overall, metallic strips were attached to the antenna ground plane. The antenna performance was evaluated using different types and sizes of metallic strips. An improvement in the front-to-back ratio whilst keeping good axial ratio performance was observed.
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Vieira, J., Magalhães, M., Heckler, M. V., Mota, J. C., & Sombra, A. S. (2016). Development of an UHF 2 x 2 Microstrip Antenna Array for Nano-Satellites. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 31(1).
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