Circularly Polarized Antenna Array with Sequential Rotation for Nanosatellites

  • Filipe Guterres Ferreira
  • Juner Menezes Vieira Universidade Federal do Pampa
  • Diego Pereira Fumagalli Universidade Federal do Pampa
  • Lucas Santos Pereira Universidade Federal do Pampa
  • Marcos Vinício Thomas Heckler Universidade Federal do Pampa
Keywords: antenna array, microstrip antenna, aperture-coupled Antenna


This paper presents the design and characterization of an aperture-coupled microstrip antenna array to be installed onto a nanosatellite. The proposed antenna array has been optimized to operate at 2.26 GHz (S-Band), which is the operating frequency of the downlink channel of the Brazilian System for Meteorological Data Acquisition. The electromagnetic analyses are done by using the HFSS electromagnetic simulator. For the design validation, prototypes of single elements and antenna array were manufactured. The comparison between simulations and measurements indicates good performance of the designed antennas.

Author Biographies

Juner Menezes Vieira, Universidade Federal do Pampa
Aluno de Mestrado Acadêmico no Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Elétrica.
Lucas Santos Pereira, Universidade Federal do Pampa
Professor at UNIPAMPA
Marcos Vinício Thomas Heckler, Universidade Federal do Pampa
Professor at UNIPAMPA.
How to Cite
Ferreira, F., Vieira, J., Fumagalli, D., Pereira, L., & Heckler, M. (2018). Circularly Polarized Antenna Array with Sequential Rotation for Nanosatellites. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 33(1).
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