Empirical Path Loss Model in City-forest Environment for Mobile Communications

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Andre Augusto Pacheco de Carvalho
Iury Batalha
Miercio Alcantara
Bruno Castro
Fabricio Barros
Jasmine Araujo
Gervasio Cavalcante


The feasible choice of a propagation model for a given wireless system depends on environment type among other factors. Thus, it is a crucial decision on radio network planning. This current proposal is a new methodology applied for LTE systems that includes: to find optimal parameters of a propagation model that minimizes RMS error and maximizes grey relation grade and mean absolute percentage error, (GRG- MAPE) in a city-forest environment through the use of meta- heuristic optimization such as Cuckoo Search (CS). The results, quantitatively analysed by RMS error and GRG-MAPE, shows a better accuracy of optimized model in comparison with the original version and even with SUI model.

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Carvalho, A. A. P. de, Batalha, I., Alcantara, M., Castro, B., Barros, F., Araujo, J., & Cavalcante, G. (2021). Empirical Path Loss Model in City-forest Environment for Mobile Communications. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 36(1), 70–74. https://doi.org/10.14209/jcis.2021.7