Generalized Multiway Relay Network: Proposition and Effective Rate Analysis

Marcio Henrique Doniak, Richard Demo Souza, Bartolomeu F. Uchôa Filho


A multiway relay network (mRN), which is widely employed in the literature, is extended to represent a larger number of practical scenarios, such as a vehicular ad hoc network (VANET). For the proposed system, generalized multiway relay network (g-mRN), three transmission strategies are presented and analyzed in terms of effective rate, for different numbers of users. Assuming that the average signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is known to the transmitters, the maximum effective rate is obtained through the optimal choice of the message rates. We also derive the effective rate for fixed message rates. Numerical results show that the best strategy under the optimal message rates is the one in which all users transmit simultaneously in the multiple access phase. But when considering  fixed message rates, the  best transmission strategy depends upon the SNR. These results are important in that they can be used as guidelines for selecting the right strategy and  message rates depending on the situation.


Multiway relay network, Effective rate, Message rate, VANET.

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