A Transformada Numérica de Hartley e Grupos de Inteiros Gaussianos

  • D. Silva
  • R. M. C. de Souza
  • H. M. de Oliveira
  • L. B. E. Palma
  • M. M. C. de Souza
Keywords: Finite field transforms, Hartley number theoretic transforms, groups of gaussian integers


Finite field transforms are attractive since they do not introduce roundoff errors and, in many cases, can be implemented with a low computational complexity. In this paper, the Hartley Number-Theoretic Transform (HNTT) is introduced. In particular, the Mersenne HNTT is defined and some multiplication free transforms are given. Some algebraic structures that are related to the HNTT are introduced and, in particular, the group of modules and the group of phases of a finite field are defined, which allows the construction of a polar representation for the elements of the Galois field GF(p^2). A few applications involving the TNH are discussed.

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Silva, D., de Souza, R. M. C., de Oliveira, H., Palma, L. B. E., & de Souza, M. (2017). A Transformada Numérica de Hartley e Grupos de Inteiros Gaussianos. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 17(1), 48-57. https://doi.org/10.14209/jcis.2002.8
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