Decomposição de Wavelets sobre Corpos Finitos

  • H. M. de Oliveira
  • T. H. Falk
  • R. F. G. Távora
Keywords: Finite field Wavelets, FF-Haar, FF-Daubechies, Spread-spectrum sequences, CDM


This paper introduces some foundations of wavelets over Galois fields. Standard orthogonal finite-field wavelets (FF-Wavelets) including FF-Haar and FF-Daubechies are derived. Non-orthogonal FF-wavelets such as B-splines over GF(p) are also considered. A few examples of multiresolution analysis over finite fields as well as conditions for the coefficients of the smoothing filter to achieve vanishing moments are presented. A new fast algorithm to compute FF-wavelets, based on a two-phase decomposition is introduced. Wavelet packed transforms over finite fields are also considered. An application of FF-wavelets to design multiplex schemes with spread-spectrum sequences is presented.
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de Oliveira, H., Falk, T., & Távora, R. (2017). Decomposição de Wavelets sobre Corpos Finitos. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 17(1), 38-47.
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