Codes Over Rings of Algebraic Integers

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Osvaldo Milaré Favareto
Trajano Pires da Nóbrega Neto
J. C. Interlando
Reginaldo Palazzo Jr.


We propose codes over the algebraic integers of two quadratic extensions of Q, namely, Q(i) and Q(\sqrt{-3}). The codes being proposed are designed to the Mannheim distance, although some properties regarding their Hamming distances are also presented, e.g., we show that all presented codes are maximum distance separable MDS. Efficient decoding algorithms are proposed to decode the codes when up to two coordinates of a transmitted code vector are affected by errors of arbitrary Mannheim weight. The Berlekamp-Massey algorithm is used for multiple error in correction. The practical interest in such Mannheim-metric codes is for their use in coded modulation schemes based on QAM-type constellations, for which neither Hamming nor Lee metric is appropriate.


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Favareto, O. M., da Nóbrega Neto, T. P., Interlando, J. C., & Palazzo Jr., R. (2017). Codes Over Rings of Algebraic Integers. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 13(1).
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