Códigos Concatenados Corretores de Erros Quânticos

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Antonio Carlos Aido de Almeida
Reginaldo Palazzo Jr.


In this article, we make a review of quantum error-correcting codes (QECCs) constructed from the concatenation of a phase flip code with a bit flip code. In particular, two examples are reviewed in details: the rate-1/9 quantum block code (QBC) proposed by Shor, and the rate 1/4 quantum convolutional code (QCC) proposed by Almeida and Palazzo. The purpose of this article is to introduce the study of QECCs to the community of telecommunication engineers.

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Carlos Aido de Almeida, A., & Palazzo Jr., R. (2015). Códigos Concatenados Corretores de Erros Quânticos. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 21(2). https://doi.org/10.14209/jcis.2006.8
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