The Asymmetrical n-k Distribution

  • Michel Daoud Yacoub
  • Gustavo Fraidenraich
  • Hermano B. Tercius
  • Fábio C. Martins


This paper specializes and parameterizes the general result presented elsewhere in the literature in order to propose, fully characterize, and investigate the Asymmetrical − Distribution. It yields estimators for the involved parameters and uses field measurements to validate the distribution. The Asymmetrical − Distribution includes, as special cases, important distributions such as Rayleigh, Rice, Hoyt, Nakagami-q, and One-Sided Gaussian. The fact that the Asymmetrical − Distribution has one more parameter than the well-known distributions renders it more flexible. Of course, in situations in which those distributions included in it give good results a better fit is given by the Asymmetrical − Distribution. In addition, in many other situations in which these distributions give poor results a good fit may be found through the Asymmetrical − Distribution. More specifically, its non-monomodal feature finds applications in several circumstances, examples of which are given in this paper.
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Daoud Yacoub, M., Fraidenraich, G., B. Tercius, H., & C. Martins, F. (2015). The Asymmetrical n-k Distribution. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 20(3).
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