Análise de Antenas de Microfitas com Substratos Anisotrópicos Excitados por Acoplamento Eletromagnético

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Vicente Damasceno Costa
J. C. da S. Lacava
Lucio Cividanes


This work analyses microstrip antennas excited by electromagnetic coupling in anisotropic substrates. Fullwave technique is employed where the Fourier transform in the space domain brings to an electromagnetically exact formulation in the spectral domain. It results that compact and closed expressions are derived which include effects inherent to such a type of structure. Initially the procedure for obtaining the electromagnetic fields in biaxial structures is described. Then expressions are set for the uniaxial anisotropy with optical axis normal to the interface plane where spectral Green' s functions are derived and analyzed for a two uniaxial layers as a particular case. The method of moments is applied to integral equations to determine the antenna characteristics. The work also discusses the computational effort demanded by the numerical implementation of the technique. The anisotropy effects on the characteristics of that category of antennas is also studied. where the adopted excitation modeling plays an important role since such an effect can be accurately investigated in thicker antennas. Comparisons to laboratory measurements performed with manufactured prototypes using different materials as well as commercials software simulations (IE3D and Ensemble 8.0) support and validate the results obtained with the technique developed in the present paper.

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Damasceno Costa, V., C. da S. Lacava, J., & Cividanes, L. (2015). Análise de Antenas de Microfitas com Substratos Anisotrópicos Excitados por Acoplamento Eletromagnético. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 20(1).
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