Análise de Estruturas Multicamadas Uniaxiais<br />10.14209/jcis.2000.6

  • Lucio Cividanes
  • A. V. Proafio De la Torre
  • J. C. da S. Lacava


This paper presents a full-wave analysis method for uniaxial multilayered structures. Working in the Fourier domain, expressions for the transformed electromagnetic field components are derived. Consequently, spectral Green's functions in compact and closed forms are obtained. Numerical results for microstrip antennas and for stripline structures are presented.
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Cividanes, L., V. Proafio De la Torre, A., & C. da S. Lacava, J. (1). Análise de Estruturas Multicamadas Uniaxiais<br /&gt;10.14209/jcis.2000.6. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 15(1). Retrieved from
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