Design and Analysis of a Non-Uniform Antenna Array for IoT Applications

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Anderson Soares
José A. Santos


This letter proposes a mathematical model that allow to analyze the total field irradiated by a non-uniform antenna array, in which the elements consist of different types, with
different radiation pattern, positioned and oriented randomly in space. The results obtained are compared with the Multilevel Fast Multipole Method. In the analysis performed, it was observed
that both for azimuth and elevation variation the results obtained were significant. Furthermore, the analyzed scenarios are related antennas for internet of things applications, bringing the analysis
of the proposed model to practical applications. This analysis can lead to a huge range of applications, depending on interest and necessity, given the possibility of obtaining the radiation pattern
formed by a non-uniform antenna array with accurately and with reduced computational resources.

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Soares, A., & A. Santos, J. (2023). Design and Analysis of a Non-Uniform Antenna Array for IoT Applications. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 38(1), 144–148.