The Latency Problem in Very Long-Distance Optical Gibabit Links

  • Abelardo Podcameni
  • Marbey M. Mosso
  • Cláudia B. Marcondes
  • Joseuda Lopes
  • Gustavo B. Leal
Keywords: Latency, optical transmission penalties, gigabit networks, protocols, optical networks, optical transoceanic data links, FEC, TMN.


The latency effect in long-distance gigabit links and networks may lead to some transmission penalties, as here discussed and illustrated through various examples. When transcontinental or overseas connections are considered, these penalties may become remarkably severe. By evaluating and discussing realistic cases, some countermeasures are suggested. These last may include an important conceptual change in several well-established protocols and a substantial increase in the data packet sizes together with some other modifications concerning the physical layer management.
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Podcameni, A., Mosso, M., Marcondes, C., Lopes, J., & Leal, G. (2018). The Latency Problem in Very Long-Distance Optical Gibabit Links. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 15(2).
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