General Fading Distributions

Keywords: fading distributions, Nakagami distribution, Rayleigh distribution, Rice distribution, One-sided Gaussian distribution, Hoyt distribution, Lognormal distribution.


This paper presents two general fading distributions - the kappa-mu Distribution and the eta-mu Distribution. The kappa-mu Distribution includes the Rice and the Nakagami-m distributions as special cases. The eta-mu Distribution includes the Hoyt and the Nakagami-m distributions as special cases. Therefore, in both fading distributions, the One-Sided Gaussian and the Rayleigh distributions also constitute special cases and the Lognormal distribution may be well-approximated. Preliminary results show that these new distributions provide a very good fitting to experimental data.

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Yacoub, M. (2017). General Fading Distributions. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 17(1), 1-13.
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