Low-Complexity Integer-Forcing Methods for Block Fading MIMO Multiple-Access Channels

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Ricardo Bohaczuk Venturelli
Danilo Silva


Integer forcing is an alternative approach to conventional linear receivers for multiple-antenna systems. In an integer-forcing receiver, integer linear combinations of messages are extracted from the received matrix before each individual message is recovered. Recently, the integer-forcing approach was generalized to a block fading scenario. Among the existing variations of the scheme, the ones with the highest achievable rates have the drawback that no efficient algorithm is known to find the best choice of integer linear combination coefficients. In this paper, we propose several sub-optimal methods to find these coefficients with low complexity, covering both parallel and successive interference cancellation versions of the receiver. Simulation results show that the proposed methods attain a performance very close to optimal in terms of achievable rates for a given outage probability. Moreover, a low-complexity implementation using root LDPC codes is developed, showing that the benefits of the proposed methods also carry on to practice.

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Venturelli, R. B., & Silva, D. (2017). Low-Complexity Integer-Forcing Methods for Block Fading MIMO Multiple-Access Channels. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 32(1). https://doi.org/10.14209/jcis.2017.14
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