Supressão de Instabilidades Dinamicas de Ganho de um EDFA

  • D. H. Thomas
  • G. Vilela de Faria
  • J. P. von der Weid
Keywords: Erbium doped fiber amplifiers, wavelength division multiplexing, flat gain, laser resonators., optical feedback, optical fiber devices


In an optical network, the amplifiers work heavily saturated, so they are affected by the common network reconfiguration, because of channel switching or some failure that can drop one or more traveling channels. In this way, we look at the transient gain excursions experienced by surviving channel when seven of eight channels are added or dropped. Using this analysis as a guide, we highlight the robustness of the approach and evaluate its performance to gain stabilization.
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Thomas, D. H., de Faria, G., & von der Weid, J. P. (2017). Supressão de Instabilidades Dinamicas de Ganho de um EDFA. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 19(1).
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