GFDM Frame Design for 5G Application Scenarios

Juliano Silveira Ferreira, Henry Douglas Rodrigues, Arturo A. Gonzalez, Ahmad Nimr, Maximilian Matthé, Dan Zhang, Luciano Leonel Mendes, Gerhard Fettweis


The services foreseen for 5G networks will demand a vast number of challenging requirements to be fulfilled by the physical layer. These services can be grouped into application scenarios, each one with a key requirement to be addressed by the 5G network. A flexible waveform associated with a appropriate data frame is an essential feature in order to guarantee the support of contrasting requirements from different application scenarios such as Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Internet of Things, Tactile Internet and Internet Access for Remote Areas. In this paper, we propose a flexible data frame based on Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing
(GFDM) that can be tailored to address the specific key requirements of the different 5G scenarios. The paper also presents the physical layer parametrization that can be used for each application.


5G networks; data frame; frame design; application scenarios; GFDM;

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