Techniques for Performance Improvement of IMS Voice Calls in UMTS Networks

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Eduardo R. Vale
João Célio B. Brandão
Marco Grivet


The introduction of IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) in UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication Services) architecture has made possible the implementation of end to end VoIP calls, thus integrating mobile and fixed networks in the IP technology. However we know that, without the use of some techniques, VoIP transmission can demand more resources, in terms of bandwidth and power. This is not a serious problem for fixed networks, but it is of special concern in the case of mobile systems, mainly because of the natural limitations of the air interface and the power restrictions of the user cellular equipment. In this paper we address the performance of voice calls in terms of transmitted power efficiency. We show that making convenient choices of standard procedures and using specific optimization techniques it is possible to turn IMS VoIP competitive with the traditional voice telephony service performed by the CS (Circuit Switching) counterpart of the UMTS.

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R. Vale, E., Célio B. Brandão, J., & Grivet, M. (2015). Techniques for Performance Improvement of IMS Voice Calls in UMTS Networks. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 21(3).
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