Detectores Multiusuários para DS/CDMA Lineares Fixos<br />10.14209/jcis.2001.13

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Taufik Abrao
Paul Jean E. Jeszensky


This work makes a revision of the main suboptimum multiusers detectors (MUD) for DS-CDMA systems (Direct Sequence - Code Division Multiple Access). In this first part the fixed linear detectors are focused: Decorrelator and MMSE (Minimum Mean Square Error). It is explored the concepts of Asymptotic Multiuser Efficiency (AME) and the Near-Far Resistance (NFRes), being compared the performance of these detectors with Conventional Single-User. The effect of the size of the observation window is approached on the performance of asynchronous MUD. Multiuser Detectors are shown tolerant to the power unbalance and combat the Multiple Access Interference (MAl), resulting in performance increase.

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Abrao, T., & Jean E. Jeszensky, P. (2015). Detectores Multiusuários para DS/CDMA Lineares Fixos<br />10.14209/jcis.2001.13. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 16(2). Retrieved from
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