Simuation of Masked Communication with Chaotic Lasers<br />DOI: 10.14209/jcis.1997.14

  • Renato Mariz de Moraes
  • Luiz de Barros O. Neto
  • José Roberto Rios Leite


This paper describes communication with chaotic laser pulses. An information bearing signal is masked within the chaotic carrier pulses and recovered via chaos synchronization in a chaotic receiver. Two analog circuits, representing chaotic CO2 lasers, simulate the system. The chaotic pulsation from the first circuit was modulated and transmitted to the second one which behaved like a receptor, demodulating the chaotic signal through synchronism. Temporal series give power spectrum and return maps from Poincare section of transmitted signal. In these no trace of modulation is observable, which verifies the masked nature of the sent messages.
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Mariz de Moraes, R., de Barros O. Neto, L., & Roberto Rios Leite, J. (2015). Simuation of Masked Communication with Chaotic Lasers<br /&gt;DOI: 10.14209/jcis.1997.14. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 12(2). Retrieved from
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