Convergence of Lempel-Ziv Encoders<br />DOI: 10.14209/jcis.1997.13

  • Marcelo S. Pinho
  • Weiler A. Finamore


The optimality of two variations of the encoder proposed by Ziv and Lempel is proved. These variations, which are called LZW and mLZ, respectively, achieve better practical results than the LZ78. The LZ78 does not encode some symbols( called inovation symbols) which is not a good strategy for practical applications. The LZW and mLZ do not explicitly use the inovation symbols which may explain the better practical results. This is not however a guarantee of optimality.
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S. Pinho, M., & A. Finamore, W. (2015). Convergence of Lempel-Ziv Encoders<br /&gt;DOI: 10.14209/jcis.1997.13. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 12(2). Retrieved from
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