Inexpensive Interferometer for Low Frequency Radio Astronomy

  • Guilherme S. Rosa
  • Nelson J. Schuch
  • Natanael R. Gomes
  • José R. Bergmann
  • Ezequiel Echer
  • Renato Machado


An interferometric array similar to the low frequency array (LOFAR) prototype station (LOPES) and to the eight-meter-wavelength transient array (ETA) is being developed to cover the LOFAR frequency range under 100 MHz at the Southern Space Observatory (SSO) (29.4◦ S, 53.8◦ W, 480 m. a. s. l.), in S˜ao Martinho da Serra, RS, Brazil. In accordance with previous observational spectrum results, the SSO site was classified as being suitable to receive sensitive and sophisticated radio interferometers, based on the phased array concept, similar to those employed at the European LOFAR stations. This paper describes the technical details of development and implementation of a low cost elementary radio astronomy interferometer for the frequency range of 20–80 MHz.
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S. Rosa, G., J. Schuch, N., R. Gomes, N., R. Bergmann, J., Echer, E., & Machado, R. (1). Inexpensive Interferometer for Low Frequency Radio Astronomy. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 27(1).
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