Theoretical Outage Analysis of Nonlinear OFDM Systems with AF Relays

  • C. Alexandre Rolim Fernandes Department of Computer Engineering, Federal University of Ceara
  • Éder Jacques Porfirio Farias Instituto Superior de Teologia Aplicada
Keywords: OFDM, cooperative communication, power amplifiers, nonlinear distortion, outage


In this work, a performance analysis of the outage probability of a cooperative diversity OFDM system is presented, considering the distortions introduced by nonlinear power amplifiers (PAs) at the source and relay nodes. A closed form expression for the instantaneous SNR is developed and analytical expressions for the outage probability are derived, considering an amplify-and-forward (AF) relay and Rayleigh fading. Both the maximum ratio combing (MRC) and selection combining (SC) methods are considered. The derived expressions show how some PA parameters affect the outage probability and diversity order. Computer simulation results illustrate and confirm the proposed theoretical expressions under different scenarios.
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Fernandes, C. A., & Farias, Éder. (2015). Theoretical Outage Analysis of Nonlinear OFDM Systems with AF Relays. Journal of Communication and Information Systems, 30(1).

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